Chris & Debbie have lives all over.  During our worldly travels, we have been active in building community and supporting families around the globe.  Back at home in our beloved Virginia in Fauquier County, our efforts continue.  The focus is community building through empowered collaboration.

Government has its place and service to the people, yet the government can not answer all the concerns facing families.  Strong communities that support healthy families is the answer.  That is achieved through personal empowerment.

The Best Intervention is Prevention

The First Step is being available to people, families and communities facing concerns.

The Next Step is identifying the core cause driving the concern.

The Final Step is the Strategic Plan using the available resources and referrals to address the specific issues.  This includes ongoing support until the concern has passed, and positive outcomes are sustainable.

Cultural Trends Facing Families

Health & Wellness concerns to include, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, lifestyle etc.

Opioids addiction & deaths are  a national crisis.

Human Trafficking numbers will surpass Opioids by 2020.

Sexual Predators & Gangs are being exposed right and left.

Domestic Violence Psychological Abuse is not illegal and thus, the abuse has to escalate for intervention.

The Undiagnosed Effects of Trauma & Stress on Health shown in the evidenced based research.

These concerns are disastrous for the families.  Chasing the crisis resolves nothing.  Thus, active involvement in awareness, prevention and long term solutions are the best path forward.

The Solution is Collaboration

The Collaboration reduces the destruction undermining the family and support transition through the concerns.  

Success is empowering families to:

1. Reduce the early traumatic experience
2. Reduce violent abuse
3. Reduce long term dependency on the state
4. Teach tools to live an authentic and empowered life

*Clients are by referral.  Resumes & References available upon request.