Chris and Debbie’s Strategic Consulting is an approach that is an all-inclusive combination of the best Team, Operations and Systems to achieve the Final Product.  

THE SUCCESS is achieved through dynamic relationships of each component with Integrity, Efficiency, Authenticity and Sustainability

A COMPLETE SYSTEMS APPROACH allows an idea to become reality bringing satisfaction and success for years to come.  The dynamic aspects evolves as the world evolves keeping the project, business or real property relevant and purposeful.

THE GOAL is Longevity and Positive Outcomes.

Many succeed in business today, yet ultimately at what cost?

The news is filled with those that have used power to get ahead, and are now paying the price.  Since people are getting wise to the trickery and mockery of coercive manipulation, the old models are on the way out.  People are demanding better options and more direct answers to make things happen with better outcomes.

Chris and Debbie are here to set up the best way build what you want right now, the right way, one step at a time.

THAT is The Cloud Difference.

Strategic Consulting

STRATEGY without TACTICS is the slowest route to victory, TACTICS without STRATEGY is the noise before defeat.”  Sun Tsu, Ancient Chinese Military strategist

CHRIS LIKE TO SAY:  “Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.” (H. Jackson Brown Jr.)

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Seeing the Greater Vision and Knowing all the Steps to Make it Happen

“ALL PROJECTS start with an inspiration, that with  planning and development is turned into a successful reality!

AS A TEAM we  sort out what to achieve and the best way to develop right plan for your project. The goal is to encompass  the possibilities to the best path forward!” Debbie  Cloud


Chris and Debbie’s  approach  is a coherent and cohesive dedication to the dynamic relationships involved in the process.

Since the focus is on integrity, efficiency, authenticity and sustainability, all the holes in a project come to light.  Both Chris and Debbie are systems minded, yet both see things from different perspectives while maintaining an open mind.  Working together pushes each other to the limits to find fresh ways to accomplish set goals.

Clients are challenged with things they have not considered.  In an evolving world requires big picture thinking with great attention to details, while being dynamic as everything keeps any project or business relevant and purposeful.  This is not the best for everyone.  Yet this does work when everyone is on the same page resulting in a real success. 


Chris and Debbie Cloud believe that many current systems today have taken out the common sense and humanity making everything upside down and backwards.  In today’s world there are missing components that are vital to a true success.

The cost of some so-called success models have caused some major problem.  Frustrations grow when Expectations do not meet Reality.  Often today life does not always add up or even make sense.

Chris and Debbie  understand the incoherent pieces and the covert power plays that send things out of wack.  More importantly they know how to bring things back into alignment.   This is the key component needed for success today.

Know that Chris and Debbie’s dedication assures that all the options are considered, stigmatized concerns are faced, and in the end, all the lose ends are put back into place making the best outcome possible.


When the Elephants (the bits being avoided) come into focus, the  options  are mapped, concerns navigated and step by step success comes into play.  Doing this with integrity and authenticity that is both efficient and sustainable is the best of all worlds.


How do you know which is the best?  Most definitely, the one that works!  Thus, the approach is knowing the goals and pulling the team of talented partners together to make success happen.

The old models are out.  Railroading people, taking advantage and being king of the hill is no longer acceptable in today’s standards.   Most of today’s problems stem from these incoherent practices making the undercurrents of crisis seen at ever level of society.

People are looking for real answers.  The world is starting to demand better options.  Some are turning back the clock to regain lost values.  Others embrace the greatest advancements. 

Chris and Debbie use good old fashion values combined with the most innovative solutions.  This allows for positive results that have both longevity and sustainability.  

Being able to Work together to Make things Happen!

That is The CLOUD Difference.

Professional Realtors


Chris and Debbie are positive, helpful, skilled partners for buying or selling a home, property or investments:

TRUSTED resource about the considerations and the process
INNOVATIVE marketing strategies
EXPERTISE about community locations and special features
ABILITY to target specific searches
STRONG negotiation skills with integrity, yet determination
SUPPORT through the closing and beyond
A TEAM who is available for all your real property questions


Deciding where you want to be and what you want to do!


Chris and Debbie consult with clients around the world and handle real property deals here in Virginia.  They advise for ventures afar with hands on site visites and remote oversight.   Here at home, they are dedicated to find or sell your rural estate, business, or private residence, from Charlottesville to Winchester to shores of the Potomac.

For those seeking a special niche to set up shop, invest or call home, they have an intimate knowledge of the back roads and unique locales that give so much of Virginia it’s “Hidden Charm”!

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THE RIGHT PLACE FOR CHRIS AND DEBBIE IS AT EXIT REALTY PROS, a group of independent, professional Realtors and Providers that work well together as a Team to “Git ‘er Done.”  The office is located in Old Town Manassas at 9244 Center Street, and is set up for doing some serious real estate.
This EXIT office focuses on hands on experience, advanced education and continued support to ensure the best possible solutions. Whether you are buying, selling, renting or leasing any type of property including residential, commercial, land and investment properties, EXIT Realty Pros is ready to make it happen for you! Vicki Cloud (Principal Broker) & Patrick Cloud (Realtor) are The Owners of the franchise and Top Producers (The Cloud Team) with multi-generational experience in sales, marketing and real estate (its second nature since its in there genes).

Here at EXIT Realty Pros, they know what needs to happen and are prepared to simplify the complexity of finding properties, negotiating deals and ensuring any real estate transaction is the best experience possible.

CONTACT Chris and Debbie to discuss your real property needs!

The Clouds


Chris & Debbie Cloud








Chris and Debbie’s approach and perspective going into all situations is not your typical approach, and its easy to miss who they are and why they are there.  They step up and step in, knowing that their wealth of knowledge is not enough.  What they bring is the ability to realize what is already there, what is missing and what is desired.

By pulling all the pieces together, a synergistic answer is found.

As a dynamic duo, Chris & Debbie, together evaluate the whole project and all the integral parts to your project or business to determine what are the missing links and needed components to allow the dynamic flow to achieve successful outcomes.  The inspiration combined with the clients desires allows for a great opportunity and outcome.


Chris and Debbie work with clients around the world and here in Virginia. Their experience is vast.  They are dedicated with an intimate knowledge of what works and are willing to step up to take on challenges.  They can work with you to find the best solution!


Chris and Debbie Cloud, who have called Fauquier County and Northern Virginia HOME for decades, have returned to the best place in the world.  Chris was born and raised in Fauquier, graduating from Fauquier High School and in management of his family car dealerships.  In 1988 as a Realtor and Administrator for her family businesses, Debbie moved to her family’s home in Mt Vernon and housed her horses in Fauquier County.  A few years later, she moved to Fauquier on her farm with her own family, developing deep ties to the community.


Crisis spurs on change and the burgeoning development presents opportunities for all.  Those with a sense of responsibility are dedicated to positive-growth and change.  Working with Chris and Debbie, you may be assured they understand your specific needs and requirements.  Asking either of them brings the team to affords you the knowledge, connections, and attention of Both!









CHRIS AND DEBBIE have developed a strong reputation as a “Dynamic Duo” capable of moving mountains to make things happen.  Both have come from family owned and operated businesses of Entrepreneurs, thus each understand business and what it takes to get the job done.

CHRIS and his mechanical engineer background, his off-grid experience and yacht (200-ton Sea Captain), estate and island management has provided a keen eye for properties, business and people.

DEBBIE, with her operational management and direct experience in a variety of different businesses and industries, brings her unique skills, strategies and negotiating abilities to the table.  She has run family businesses or worked for high-net-worth, individual owners of complicated ventures needing special attention to ensure successful outcomes.

TOGETHER you, as a client, have a half of century of worldly experience and expertise with the dynamic ability to handle any project,  buy or sell real properties, get the right people involved and achieve final success.

Community Projects working together with great outcomes!


That is The CLOUD Difference of the dynamic team of Chris and Debbie.