CD Encompass’ Strategic Consulting is a dynamic approach to Project Development that is all inclusive combining the Team, Operations, Facility and the Final Product.  The success is achieved through dynamic relationships of integrity, efficiency, authenticity and sustainability.  A complete systems approach allows an idea to become reality through all the day to day resistance developing a model that brings satisfaction and success for years to come.  Being able to evolve as the world evolves keeps any project or business relevant and purposeful.

The goal is success through integrity, longevity and positive outcomes.

The CLOUD Difference, the team of Chris & Debbie Cloud, believe that many current systems today has taken out the common sense and humanity that is needed to meet goals.  There are missing components that are vital to a true success.  Frustrations grow when expectations do not meet reality.  The clearer picture of the current situation along with understanding the desired outcomes, a mapped step by step plan can be set up and implemented to create exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Project Development

All projects start with an idea, an inspired dream, that with some planning and development can be turned into a successful reality!

As a team we work with you to sort out what you would like to achieve. There are many directions to approach and develop that concept. The goal is to encompass all the possibilities and options to find the best path forward into the successful completion of a vision into a reality!

That is The CLOUD Difference.


The CLOUD Difference, is that Chris & Debbie’s Strategic Consulting turns your Inspiration into a Prosperous Endeavor with the goal of developing Flowing Dynamic Relationships through all the Integral Parts!

The Pillars of a Prosperous Endeavor

  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Authenticity
  • Sustainability

The Aspects of a Prosperous Endeavor

  • Team
  • Operations
  • Facility
  • Product


The CLOUD Difference is the approach and perspective we hold going into all situations.  We step up and step in, knowing that our wealth of knowledge is not enough.  What we bring is the ability to realize what is already there, what is missing and what is desired.  By pulling all the pieces together, a synergistic answer is found.

As a dynamic duo, Chris & Debbie, together we can evaluate the whole project and all the integral parts to your project or business to determine what are the missing links or needed components to allow the dynamic flow to achieve outcomes.  With world experience with a vast amount of projects, businesses and integral considerations, we bring a new perspective on how to put all of the pieces together to achieve success.